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Chap.1-6, Night in White Linen

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Previously Golden Horizon

Prince and Aperel received the pharaonic temple massage from their priests with special skills to develop Ka-body through the massage. Prince has experienced Pharaonic massages before but not frequently.

This time was away different. Aperel told him to ejaculate even if he felt come close.

It was not for a happy ending.

Two priests, a total of four hands same time, explored his body front and back, top to bottom, even his genitalia, and anus.

Night in White Linen

The sun started to set, the temperature cooling down.

Aperel took Prince to the house behind the Min temple, where all the priests and their workers slept.

When they arrived at the gate, Prince saw the bull horns above the entrance door, and the door handle was bull horns too.

Aperel opened the door, and both entered the premises.

There is quite a large side square pond with Blue Lotuses, gazebos, and the main house at the end.

Aperel told him the field of the lettuces was behind the house.

They grow their own food here as much as they can.

Temple is run with donations from the Royal court, Noble House, and people in this area, but it won't cover everything.

They offer many services to the public, including prayer, the festival of Mon, temple massage for healing, schools, etc.

They walk through the courtyard with beautiful lush greens and trees, such as olive trees, and figs, sycamore, Dates palms, close to the water, making this small size an oasis.

When they reached the house, one of the servants awaited and took them to the guest house for the Royals and Nobles.

Prince's servants and musicians also sleep in the houses behind it.

The guest house was small compared with Royal Court but pleasant and cozy.

Straightforward interior with minimum decorations and well organized with necessary house items.

The room smelled lovely with the light fragrant scent of lotus.

Egyptians used a scented aroma to clean the atmosphere.

They situated and eat light meals with the water of Min as a night drink.

Night temperatures were down and cool enough.

Sometimes nice breeze runs through the open window.

There was light noise from the main house, temple workers and Prince's servants, and musicians seemed to have fun talking and drinking for the early evening.

Temple massage by a specialist makes Prince's body and mind more relaxed and calm at this moment.

His physical stress has been released, and his whole body is equalized in balance.

Once your body calms down, you feel good and relaxed, many of your worries become thin, and a moment of peace surrounds you.

After supper, they went up to the second-floor terrace.

It also has a 3rd-floor terrace with a roof, the most beautiful garden scenery, a lush green oasis around the premises, and a golden sand desert far away.

And he started to feel very subtle tingling sensations all over his body.

Those subtle sensations are different in each body part.

In some locations, he feels more substantial, some are weak, and there is non-sensation.

The strongest was around his right chest, close to his right nipple above.

"I'm feeling a tingling sensation again.

Once he focused on those sensations, he could tell it was slow moving, like a tiny teeny creature crawling bit by bit and up and down like shallow waves.

"Is it from the Pharaonic massage? My Ka-body arising a bit more to the surface?" Prince asked.

"Yes, indeed. It will come and goes like waves for a while. Particularly a day or two later. It accumulates naturally for a bit, then you may feel the urge to release it, but you should hold it as long as you can until your Ka-body has been developed enough for the next stage.

"So you mean no ejaculation? Like you said before, we get a massage?"

"That's right. Do you remember that night? You couldn't hold long enough, and orgasm makes you ejaculate and pass out, right?"

Aperel smiled with a soft evil-ish glance.

"Your body is not used to this depth and amount of Ka. It naturally tries to release to make it back like it used to. Like this, your body and Ka-body have never been densified before. So this state is not normal for both bodies. It's a matter of capacity and capability. If you keep holding it without releasing it, your body and Ka-body will start to adopt this condition, but if you ejaculate prematurely, it's back to the condition it used to be.."

"I shouldn't ejaculate for a while, ha... which means no sex or no masturbation either?"

"You just do not ejaculate, that's all. It's about how you control your body's natural bodily desire. Once your body feels aroused, you start to think about sex, and when you are drawn to it, you end up driven by it. Most people are driven by their own body's desire and expression. You can navigate and drive if you can differentiate your desire and bodily desire."

Prince couldn't wrap around what he said, but some experience led him to understand.

Prince remembered the first time his penis was erected; the next was a wet dream.

He didn't know what those were.

Asked his father, and he said smiling, "You reached puberty. Now you can make babies."

He felt a little strange and devastated.

Is my penis a baby-making tool?; and urinating device at the same time?

That thing is used for urinating, which his sisters do not have it.

Suddenly it started to be alive, and it had its own intelligence, sort of, like a snake raising its head or something.

It's him, but not really.

It's a bodily desire.

Sometimes he can control it, but once it's activated somehow, hard to control or calm it down.

Prince started to think about his own tool and wondered if the control of his means or this strange live device with its own intelligence ruled him over or vice-versa.

Thinking about such a thing, he realized the noises from the next house had become quiet.

Probably workers and Prince's servants and musicians went to bed already to rest for tomorrow.

Can you imagine life without electricity, Television, Radio, Books to read, Internet, Smartphone, or electric devices?

Without those, what will you do at night?

Children probably enjoy listening to storytelling with dancing candle lights by their grandparents or nanny under their bedsheets.

They could use their imagination to be a character in their own stories, such as a Princess or Price, Magician or Wizard, or even fantastic creatures like Unicorn, Mermaid, God or Goddesses,

Their nights are short, and they go to bed early since their real job is sleeping half a day to grow.

But the adults?

They could use court musicians to entertain with fine drinks and various dances.

Sometimes they throw a party inviting other Royals and Houses of Nobles to engage and the same time, considered by them.

Because their nights are long.

Some Royals have he or their own harem.

The nights of grown-up kind of same, Pharaohs, Royal or Noble, commoners, even Temple, and workers, slaves.

Their night had just started.

Beautiful one who closes.

Most Water Lillies and flowers of Nefertum are closed and submerged underwater to rest.

And sometimes few of them still open until late at night.

One who does not close.

Playing music and laughing and drinking is over.

What comes next?

A night in white linen.

Deviant Art Subscription could be found in an uncensored version of the series and another uncensored 3D rendering series.

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