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Chap.1-4, Sacred Lilly of the Nile

Updated: Aug 30, 2022


The following pages display adult content. Reader discretion is advised.

Deviant Art Subscription could be found in an uncensored version of the series and another uncensored 3D rendering series.

Previously on Golden Horizon.

They sailed the Nile to the Temple of Min.

Young Prince and his vizier Aperel both had different things in their mind.

Prince thought of his forthcoming future and this new relationship kind of love affair with Aperel.

On the other hand, Aperel thought of how he could lead Prince to Ascend, take him underworld, Duat and walk through, and pass the judgment to reach the gates.

And now they are in the temple of Min.

Aperel proceeds the practice to make Prince's Ka-body development to make it grow and build up.

Blue Lotus

After they bow to the golden statue of the Min god, The Sky god, the manifestation of Thunderbolt stood in front of the waterfall far end of the shrine.

He is also Great at Love, The male fertility deity, and harvest.

They are asked to enter the shrine and feel it for a while.

You won't enter this kind of promise without proper courtesy with integrity.

Somehow Prince opened up his joyfulness there.

Prince steps into the pool and grabs Aperel's right hand to join him.

Because nobody but Aperel.

Being with Aperel naturally makes him joyful.

Any sacred Temple or Shrine dedicated to all the gods and goddesses is usually reserved and must be respected with pleasantry manners with goodness.

It all depends on individuals' commonsense, which depends on their minds and belief system; how to perceive their environment and adjust their behaviors.

Some gods or goddesses could be up light, loving, and joyful.

Some are tight and unsparing.

Min as Great at Love, The male fertility deity, and harvest.

Aperel thought, why not?

God or Goddesses won't be mad about Love and Joy with Happiness.

The water was a bit colder than the embayment, but it felt good, and splashes Prince made Aperel loosen up a little bit, and playing with innocent young Prince reminded him of when he was young like Prince's age.

Everything was fun and joyful somehow.

There was nothing to worry about but aliveness and hopefulness, being excited about unfolded future.

The Golden statue of Min, embodiment of the masculine principle, endlessly seeded his water to a pool of Love behind them, and Prince kissed Aperel naturally without hesitation.

This kind of kiss takes Aperel back to this moment but now, not in his past, their possible unfolded future.

Aperel saw the statue of Min and had funny thoughts but took him close to the Golden Stature of Min and then kissed Prince again under the running seeds of life.

O vigorous and virile God, I call you out to you.

Grasper of your manhood, inciter of passion,

granter of a flourishing field and a fruitful womb,

yours is the gift of arousal, the blessing of lust.

Then the servant of the temple brings them fruits and tonic made from the Blue Lotus for refreshment.

The Blue Lotus has been a highly revered plant worldwide, particularly in Egypt.

Grown by the Ancient Egyptian civilization and had significance in their religion.

Blue Lotus is very frequently depicted in Ancient Egyptian Art.

The plant and flower could be seen in Egyptian Art everywhere, architects, paintings, sculptures, etc...

in numerous stone carvings and images, including the temple of Karnak walls, which Egyptologists think may be associated with rites of the afterlife.

It's the most dominant Art motif in Ancient Egyptian Civilization.

Also, many pharaohs' mummies were covered with the flower's petals.

Blue Lotus was highly significant in Egyptian mythology, regarded as a sun symbol since the flowers are closed at night and open again in the morning.

Their world originated when the sun god Ra emerged from a lotus flower growing in "primordial waters."

At night, he was believed to retreat into the flower again.

Its color was identified in the original container, an egg of Atum and Ra. Both solar deities have applied similar ideas.

Since Prince is in an uncontrolled environment, he asks Aperel to drink first.

It was a custom to avoid death from poisoning any food or beverages for Pharaoh or Nobles, especially who made many enemies.

"Of cause, my prince." Aperel smiled at him, sapped the Blue Lotus water, and then smiled again.

Obviously, Aperel didn't die from this sacred water of Min.

But that was good to know Prince was aware of the possibility of being poisoned to death.

Prince probably has no enemies, but his father could have.

He may not know he became a person of interest to somebody to assassinate or murder him to take over his throne and political power.

And his first son was just diseased unexpectedly.

They do not know why yet because he was so young, and it was so sudden.

Some very ambitious individuals may think that taking King's successor's life weakens him and could make them climb up the more rad close to taking over the throne.

Egyptologist thinks that betrayals were one of their specialties.

The enemy may be your political opponents, governors, chiefs, religious organizations, cults, house, family, court, trustees, etc...

You won't know until their shadows come into the light to be visible.

Aperel showed his cup, moved it to his lips, and made him sip a little bit.

And Aperel sapped a fair amount of water and gave it to him from mouth to mouth.

"This way better than drinking at house. It feels different."

"Do you think your parents gave you and your sisters this quality light-heartedly?"

"That's right..." Prince smiled.

Prince noticed feeling light tingling sensations all over his body.

The Blue Lotus increases sexual vitality in both men and women.

The plant contains the psychoactive alkaloid aporphine, known to the Ancient Egyptians and Maya.

In humans, apomorphine from Blue Lotus produces nonsexual erections enhanced by erotic stimulation without libido or sexual desire changes.

Make it hard and elects like god Min images.

Also, this essence can make you trance-like states of consciousness.

Aperel was more relaxed and felt soothed from the tonic, and at exact times his penis got stiffer and started to pump up without any sexual stimulation or arousal.

"This makes you hard, isn't it?" Prince noticed.

"Yes, it does, absolutely. That's why the Blue Nile is associated with God Min."

An erection is usually a physiological phenomenon.

It may become erect during sleep or be erect on waking up, a Nocturnal erection.

In which the penis becomes firm, engorged, and enlarged.

Erection is initiated by the parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system with minimal input from the central nervous system.

The cerebral cortex can initiate erection without direct mechanical stimulation in response to visual, auditory, olfactory, imagined, or tactile stimuli acting through erectile centers in the lumbar and sacral regions of the spinal cord.

In this modern medical knowledge, if your cerebral cortex is somehow activated to make you hard, it can give you an erection without sexual arousal or stimulation, also libidos.

The flower of Sacred Nile, Water Lilly of the sun, Blue Lotus, and Flower of Nefertum can give you that.

"Flower of Nefertum makes people happy and sexy?"

Of course, like Aperel, Prince's also erected without solid libido and sexual desires.

Prince looked at erected Aperel closely for a while.

"Nefertem was "He Who is Beautiful" and "Water-Lily of the Sun.""

"Are you applying to me?"

"Yes, I am. You are beautiful."

Nefertem is usually depicted as a beautiful young man with a blue water-lily flower on his head.

"Beautiful one who closes"

"one who does not close,"

"Rise like Nefertem from the blue water lily to the nostrils of the creator and the sun god Ra, and come forth upon the horizon each day."

It was initially a lotus flower at the world's creation which had arisen from the primal waters.

Nefertem represented the first sunlight and the delightful smell of the Egyptian blue lotus flower, having arisen from the primal waters within an Egyptian blue water lily.

One of Aperel's sons, Hatay, is a priest of Nefertem.

Son of the Creator god Ptah and the feline goddess Bast or Sekhmet isn't only Aperel's other name and his ancestor, lion-headed god of war Maahes.

Another of their son is Nefertem.

Bastet's son Nefertem also sometimes has the head of a lion or is a lion or cat reclining.

Lion-headed God of war, Maahes and Nefertem are twins.

Prince was happy Aperel saying he is beautiful like God of Blue Lotus, Nefertem.

He has been said "Beautiful" by workers in court occasionally, but not in this kind of circumstance.

Being said by the person he likes or sexually admires.

Because he was a boy, and he became men now.

The word "Beautiful." belongs to the girl and woman, not really to a boy and man.

Instead, the word "Handsome." belong to men.

Aperel said you are beautiful, referring to the God Nefertem, the Beautiful one who closes and one who does not close.

Prince knows about the God Nefertem or any other God and Goddesses good enough like most people.

He doesn't know the Sacred knowledge about them yet.

Sun was heading to set to the horizon.

Inside, the shrine also started changing color shades from moment to moment.

Those beautiful open flowers will prepare to close petals and then submerge in the water.

Beautiful one who closes.

And soon later veil of the night will fall, accompanied by trillions of stars above their heaven.

And then, beautiful one who may not close.

To be continued to 1-5. Pharaonic Massage

Deviant Art Subscription could be found in an uncensored version of the series and another uncensored 3D rendering series.

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