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Chap.1-5, Pharaonic Massage

Updated: Sep 3, 2022


The following pages display adult content. Reader discretion is advised.

Deviant Art Subscription could be found in an uncensored version of the series and another uncensored 3D rendering series.

Previously Golden Horizon

Prince and Aperel arrived at The temple of Min, the central deity of fertility and male potency.

They went into the indoor pool with Sacred Lilly of the Nile and Blue Lotus and kissed each other in front of the erected Min statue.

Temple servants delivered Water of Min, infused with Blue Lotus essence, which makes themself stiff and rigid without sexual stimulation or libido.

Pharaonic Massage

After drinking the Blue Lotus refreshment, their body makes their phallus erected.

The water of Min-infused Blue Lotus essence does it.

They get out of the water, their whole body patted out by temple servants and then lay on the bed for a Pharaonic massage.

The earliest written record of massage therapy as a natural healing method in Ancient Egypt was found around 2400 BCE. in the Tomb of Akmanthor, also known as "The Tomb of the Physician," in Saqqara,

The tomb walls depict two men kneading on their feet and hands.

Ancient Egyptian practiced hand and foot massage, Reflexology, Oil Massage, manicure and pedicure, and in the form of baths, Hydrotherapy.

They were particularly advanced in Anatomical and physiopathological Medicine and Pharmacopoeia, documented by hieroglyphics written on the papyrus.

The pharaonic Massage was considered a sacred art.

It was a traditional Egyptian massage expressing their Medicine's most heightened fulfillment.

It was an alchemical enchantment per se.

They used scented essences, to dissolve tensions and stress, improve the skin tissue, and beautify it.

Like severe skin changes, peeling, blisters, bleeding, edema, or hyperkeratosis with pain treatment brought out with essential oils.

Thyme, lavender, peppermint, cedar, rose, and almond oil to medicinal herbs, balms, and ointments.

Also, pure natural oils played a vital role in Egyptian ceremonies.

They were used to purify the air as ambient perfumes or gifts to the gods.

They already found psycho-physical balance in mind, body, and emotions.

The Egyptians believed in three "Keys of Life."

The head represented cognitive intelligence.

The heart was emotional.

The abdomen was the material and Vitality.

Pharaonic Massage focused on energy pathways associated with KA/vital essence.

It's all about correcting blockage imbalances and restoring energy flow.

Its similar to Ancient Chinese Medicine centered on Qi or Chi/Life Force and its flow, Meridians, Acupoints, and traditional Indian Medicine centered on Nadis and Prana/Life force.

Ancient Egyptian and Chinese, Vedic share the same idea about Life force/Vitality.

Also, those civilizations intercommunicate regarding life after death and the concept of reincarnation.

Aperel and Prince facedown lay on the bed, and four Temple priests started to give Pharaonic Massage using Blue Lotus and other infused essential oil.

The most highly prized aromas came from Ancient Egypt.

The oils they use are blended with Blue Lotus and other essential oils.

Blue Lotus is commonly used for Massage and meditation.

The scent is distinctly floral, sweet, and almost green, making you feel Tranquil and peaceful, enchanting.

The base carrying oil is probably the Palm.

Palm oil dates back to 3,000 BCE, found in a tomb at Abydos.

Light-colored golden yellow, rich in antioxidants, vitamin E.

Blended massage Oil was smooth, not too thin or thick, and had a woody, musky, and spicy aroma, probably the Spikenard/nard.

Sometimes light green and fruity smells arise, suggesting Olibanum/frankincense.

The Egyptians loved fragrances like cinnamon, Frankincense, lemongrass, myrrh, rose, Juniper, and Lotus.

Prince has repeatedly experienced Pharaonic Massage in the Royal house.

He, his parents, and the whole family enjoyed it, except for one youngest sister, who felt so ticklish.

When priests put oils on their hands, Aperel warned him not to ejaculate again.

"Remember, this is not about a Happy ending. Min priests will feed their KA-energy to yours like I did the other night. If you feel you come close, you must speak to stop for a while and connect the tip of your tongue to the ceiling of your mouth. And tighten up the sphincter to hold it. It should help your whole energy to straighten and help keep holding it. And you better tell feelings to them, verbalize how you feel, good or not so good, feeling great or moaning. Lauder is better than whispering!"

Oh my, really? I don't mind being boned, vulnerable, and moaning to you loudly, but these priests? Moaning to them? That could be challenging... Prince thought.

Is he asking me to open myself to them unconditionally?

Without emotional feeling?

"Your body will tell you how it feels. Your body will express its emotions, and you'll feel it. Don't fight against them, be with it. Don't judge and hesitate yourself, and don't hide your shyness."

Oh well, that's easy for you to say, but... I never expressed my sexual desire and feeling to anybody but to myself!

"It's okay to feel and tell what you feel to Priests and me. Because your mind, emotions, and bodily sensations need to be aligned and orchestrated to become one, the whole. Nobody judges because of it but you."

Aperel asking me completely surrender...

To him, to priests, and to myself...

Initially, he felt a little overwhelmed and hard to grapes sensations because two people were simultaneously working on two areas of his body.

Two specialists instead of one are clearly different.

And now he understands the vast differences.

One holds his instep for a while, gently exploring ankle to frank of insteps, and the other hands-on his sacrum, slightly shaking left to right and pushing in a plodding rhythm.

Center the belly of the foot for a while and to the heel.

All fingers into each Cleavage of toes to open, stretch a bit.

He felt so good, each toes front and back, side to side, pushed in, and each Cleavage of toes opened and massaged.

And sometimes, other hands explore the buttocks, softening piriformis slightly and repeatedly pushing in and up.


When their hands held the belly of his foot, he felt stagnant energy running up his inner legs toward his lower abdomen and tightening up a little bit like a shallow butterfly, and then it felt like melting it down.

And suddenly, he felt a pulsation-like feeling start to arise like slow waves almost close to ecstasy.

Prince noticed Min Priests' techniques are clearly different.

Their hands and fingers are flexible and move smoothly, hold just right, not too strong or weak.

One started a long stroke from his ankle to the upper thigh on both legs, and once it reached his buttocks, the other hands continued from lower back to upper torso, and they repeated with different rhythms.

Starts from the surface and muscle beneath with light push, the following more profound layer of the muscle fibers and tendons beneath.

Layer by layer, with an extra push and depth, the speed of strokes is consistent, not too fast, more likely, very slow, intimately slow move.

Once long strokes repeat from feet to shoulder several times, one shift to inner calves to thighs, inner hip joints, and the gluteal hold inward to crotch.

That made Prince moan a bit for a starter.

Others moved to his arms, list to associate, upper arm, shoulder and blade beneath.

A priest on his bottom opened his legs a bit, then sat between Prince's legs, working on glutes and buttocks, gluteal to inner crotch, and then the side of the anus with the thumb of his hand.

Prince started to understand his own bodily sensations.

Some part of the body is compassionate, and some are not.

Prince could feel a pulsation-like sensation in some areas.

Each location feels different.

When hands started to explore, the side of his pelvis inward was undeniable.

Surprisingly that made him lose, and he moaned without hesitation.

And the same time, his shoulder to lower to the upper neck has been melted and smoothened.

That makes him light head and feel enlightened.

The backside was done, and Prince had already been cooked up by four hands.

Prince asked to flip the body to lie down face up.

A priest held up both legs a little open, sat in between, put Prince's legs on top of his thigh, and started working on the outer and inner sides of his thigh to the upper close to his genitalia.

And Aperel said again, "Remember, this is not a happy ending massage. If you come close, tell them to stop it."

Hands graciously explored around his boned shaft, without touching his genitalia, teased him tremendously.

It quickly arose, and he started to fight within not to.

The next surprise was his lower abdomen.

When those magical hands gently pushed down and slowly shook sideways, he felt an emptiness.

Prince understood his lower abdomen needed to be filled with KA-vitality.

Hands slowly move to his breast, around his nipples, and lower neck, and another surprise arise in the inner clavicle.

Tips of the nipple were intense enough, but the side of it felt a more compelling sensation.

He couldn't help it.

He gasped and raised his voice.

It shook Prince, chest partially arched, like close to the local orgasm.

Now Prince started to know his own body and its senses and sensations.

"Your senses need to arise more, and it needs to develop more, expand to the whole body."

While in such a dry orgasm, another priest's hand exploring around his neck draws him to sensational nirvana.

Prince wanted Aperel's lips to kiss and, being sucked, feel his tongue under his ears.

Priest's hand became Aperel's lips in his imagination.

He imagined his tongue exploring inside his ear, sucking his earlobes, biting it gently.

Prince reached his left hand and tightly held Aperel's right upper arm.

All those four hands of Min priests became Aperel's bold, strong hands.

He wanted to be under Aperel's body weight, covered by his entire body and explored by his lukewarm tongue all over, beneath his jaw, to his inner clavicle.

He wanted Aperel to play with nipples, suck them gently, his hands wandering around the abdomen.

And teasing his hardened shaft for a bit.

Aperel's wet and warm tongue explores the prostate, one of the testicles swallowed into Aperel's warm mouth.

While Aperel enjoys tasting it, one hand plays Boned softly, and another explores the valley between firm cushy mounds.

The sexy man's hand opened up his buttocks and teased, aroused around the closed entrance.

Imaginary Aperel's hand slowly touches and slides Prince's cheeks to discoloration above his ears.

All fingers trace his hairline, eyebrows, nose bridge, cheekbones to the chin, and upper thought.

Both hands come down from Prince's head and move upward through the side of the cheekbones.

Aligned fingertips softly open his center forehead several times.

One hand moved and held back his head.

Another hand's index and middle fingers started tapping his forehead gently with a constant rhythm.

The vibration started to fall from the center of his forehead to deep beneath.

Beautiful one who closes.

One who does not close.

When Prince's imagination reached the entrance, it welcomed Aperel's tip of the tongue and his index finger and middle finger to open up a little more.

And it took him somewhere else in his mind.

He started to see white light in his closed eyes.

Somehow white light changes to golden-ish. Sometimes, sublime pale blue emerges like particles like pollen starts to arise and floats under the warm water.

Prince started to detach from his body sensation.

He felt it immensely, but simultaneously he floated upward, emerging into something he had never experienced before.

Intense body sensations are beneath him.

He can still feel it if he wants to.

He started to feel somehow he was arising from soothing water to the surface like Blue Lotus opens in the morning toward warm sunlight.

And when he saw the bright golden white light, he disappeared within his mind.


Prince started to awake from sleep.

His mind was not quite woke up yet.

He felt a light headache and dissociation, like hovering between the state of sleep and waking up.

Aperel was talking to one of Min Priest, and others started to leave.

Prince kind of heard conversations but not clearly.

Then soon, Prince woke up and sat at the edge of the bed, still confused.

"You are gone for a while," Aperel said.

"Oh really?"

"Can you recall all of your experience? Including your trip?"

"Not really, having a trip? was I?"

Prince remembered having Pharaonic Massage by two Min Priests, but somehow his memory was fuzzy, and he could not remember exactly.

"It feels like something happened long ago, and I can feel it. It's in there, but I can not reach it."

Aperel clearly sees Prince does not remember.

Memories were lost in transition.

All Min priests were walked out.

Aperel handed out a cup of fresh water.

"Oh well, I don't remember much, but I feel great."

Aperel smiled, seeing his happy face.

Deviant Art Subscription could be found in an uncensored version of the series and another uncensored 3D rendering series.

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