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Chap.1-3, Temple of Min

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Previously on Golden Horizon.

Aperel knew Prince would come. Prince attempted to seduce his vizier Aperel and sneak into the vizier's bedroom. They became a little more intimate, but things did not go through as Prince imagined...

Temple of Min

After they swam and had some relaxed time offshore from the Sacred Nile, their elaborate Royal barge sailed further toward the next destination, the Temple of Min.

The early afternoon sun makes their world golden shine.

Descending the sun in the west of the Nile changes its beauty relatively quick, and the vitality of the sun gets stronger before accelerating sunset.

They started to see the water lilies all around the bank.

Ancient Egyptian were so obsessed with the water Lilly of the Nile, and its motif used from Temples and columns to the walls spread and thrived throughout households, from furniture to vases everywhere.

This freshwater plant with floating leaves is still awake and keeps its flower open, with beautiful petals showcasing golden pistils and stamens in the center.

Young Prince couldn't let go of his new guide and protector, also his male lover's body, because of being with him, touching this sexy, matured man somehow made him feel good and sensual all throughout his young, radiant body just started to bloom.

Those sensations are very seductive to him, and he never felt this way with anybody who comes close to him, including his closest family members, his father or brother, his mother or sisters.

Not anybody works in the palace, male or female.

It almost feels like under the sex magic spell.

It's orgasmic without erection and ejaculation.

This fragile electric pulsation-like sensation constantly ran through his entire body when his body touched and stayed connected with any of his body parts.

Young Prince could feel it feeding something in his body, filling unfulfilled surface and sinking under the skin, layer by layer, continuing to deepen and spreads little by little.

Prince asked Aperel about this irresistible sensation which he enjoyed tremendously.

"I'm feeding your Ka-body like that night. Your Ka-body is too weak to enter the under-wold Duat. Neither realm Gods resides.."

Egyptians believed when humans were created, magic took the form of the soul, an eternal force that resided in and with every human.

A soul, Ka/Ba, makes up the five aspects of a person.

Ka, the "double."

Khet, the "physical body."

Ren, the "name, identity."

Ba, the "personality."

And Shut the "shadow."

To enter the Duat and survive, neither would.

His Ka-body must be fed to grow and develop more to pass the gates ahead.

Prince is aware that his life purpose has been changed, and is destined to be the next King is not an easy thing to comply with.

But at this moment, that tremendous pressure seems doesn't matter much.

Being with Aperel makes him out of reality.

He wants to enjoy this moment away from his home, where he always feels like being watched and observed by workers, scribes, and tutors.

His parents are usually busy with their tusks.

But his sisters!

He feels like he is in a sweet dream.

Perhaps the sweetest.

Out of secured imprisonment, nobody bothers him, nobody says anything.

This moment of freedom was so precious.

And Aperel...

Prince thought he could smoothly melt towards becoming something he had never thought of in this man's arms,

Is it love?

Am I in love with this sexy, mysterious man?

Or what?

Am I arrow to be with him in this way further?

I probably going to marry Nefertiti sooner or later near future.

I like her, she is so beautiful, she will suit to be my Royal wife.

She is brilliant and thoughtful.

Everybody likes her and admires her with respect.

Marrying her is not the problem.

I can do that.

After the coronation, what comes next is everybody.

Literally, everybody, not only father and mother, all the people of Egypt expect us to have a male heir, one or two for the successor, the next King.

When his mind started to wonder about his near future, Prince did not want to go foreseeing.

And then his elaborate love boat arrived at the outer entrance of the temple, surrounded by papyrus and countless water lilies.

Aperel got into the water and carried Prince's body toward the entrance, leaving their servants and musicians behind.

The water was just a perfect temperature, not too cold.

Prince felt the warmth of Aperel's body. Sometimes water shines so brilliantly and splashes twinkles like looking into a kaleidoscope.

Ancient Egyptians created pseudo-mirrors out of polished limestone slabs so people could dance in the resulting light patterns.

When both walk up to the outer wall entrance, priests or guardians of the temple await them and greet them.

Prince naturally shows his authority by presenting them with his Royal insignia, the Scarab ring, to let them inside.

Aperel noticed Prince's natural instinct to show his royal heritage.

This second-born Prince may look too soft or feminine to become the next King, but somewhere within him, true Royal blood and high-flown masculinity breathing in him.

Sweet Prince's life path as the second son has been recast unexpectedly, and now he is forced in transition to modify himself to be the next great Pharaoh.

People call him his predecessor, father Amenhotep III the Magnificent, or Amenhotep the Great.

Father still cultivated unprecedented prosperity and splendor and reached the peak of global power.

Father and Prince are in line from "Foremost of Noble Ladies" Hatchepsut, a great female Pharaoh.

All those previous Pharaohs paved the way till now, and Prince is the one who needs to carry those unscratchable legacies on his shoulders.

And Aperel's responsibility is to make this young Prince the next greatest, make him god's favorite to rule the sacred lands of the Nile and life.

This young Prince will hold the name Amenhotep, "Amun is Satisfied."

Amun is "the hidden one" or "invisible."

Amun in Prince is hidden and invisible at this moment, and it needs to be satisfied.

As the servant of the god El, how could he satisfy the hidden, invisible part of This young man's god-ness?

Aperel was drawn to see those beautiful water Lilly gardens filled with god's favorite flowers, the Blue Nile.

And Prince asked him if this temple was not similar to others for some reason, as he knows.

The Shrine of Min or his temple is usually decorated with Bull horns, and he didn't see Lettuces, god's favorite food.

Aperel answered him, will show him later.

They arrived in front of the entrance and stepped into the sacred sanctuary of the Min god.

The Sky god.

The Thunderbolt.

The Great of Love.

The male fertility deity.

Waterfall behind his golden statue continuously pours fresh water into the pool, and its calming natural noises slightly echo within the shrine, welcoming their arrival.

Ancient Egyptian god Min has very long years of worship by Ancient Egyptians.

In the Edfu Temple, he was described as the 'Great of Love.'

His male human form shows an erect penis in one hand and flails, an agricultural tool used for threshing, also referring to his authority with an upheld other arm.

Min was the central deity of fertility and possibly orgiastic rites.

He became a male fertility deity and was regarded as the male deity of the desert region to the east.

In Ancient Egypt, the role of the male in childbirth was even increasing.

Fertility was not associated solely with women but also with men.

In the predynastic period, Worshipper fetish fossilized belemnite extinct squid with an internal skeleton.

Later symbols widely used were the white bull, a barbed arrow, and a bed of lettuce.

Min's favorite food was lettuce, and it was sacrificially offered to the god, then eaten by men to achieve potency.

One feature of Min worship was the wild prickly lettuce, which has aphrodisiac and opiate qualities.

Egyptian lettuce was tall, straight, and released a milk-like sap when rubbed.

When it is cut produces latex, perhaps identified with semen.

Those characteristics are similar to the penis to them.

Later, pharaohs would offer the first fruits of the harvest to the god to ensure a plentiful harvest.

Min as a god of male sexual potency, he was honored during the coronation rites of the New Kingdom.

When the Pharaoh was expected to sow seeds to his wives, Pharaoh was expected to demonstrate that he could ejaculate.

To ensure the annual flooding of the Nile and planting seeds.

Min was represented in many forms, including fused with God Amun, Min-Amun, and the serpent Irta, the "bull of his mother" Kamutef by the New Kingdom.

Temples or shrines of Min were crowned with a pair of bull horns.

Great festivals celebrated his "coming forth" with a public procession and presentation of offerings in his honor.

Beginning of the harvest season, Min's image departs out of the temple to the fields during the festival.

During this four-day festival, they blessed the harvest and played games naked, showing their penis in his honor.

The most important of these was climbing a vast (tent) pole, which symbolizes making it erect and leading to ejaculation for prosperity.

Deviant Art Subscription could be found in an uncensored version of the series and another uncensored 3D rendering series.

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