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Chap.1-7, Night in the White Linen Part 2

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Previously Golden Horizon

They walk up to the second-floor terrace to unwind, looking at the scenery.

Aperel told Prince about Pharaonic massage and what he needs to expect after.

Like tingling body sensations he is feeling now.

This sexy, mature man told him not to ejaculate for a while.

And then pleasant noises, music, and laughing ended with moonlight.


The following pages display adult content. Reader discretion is advised.

Deviant Art Subscription could be found in an uncensored version of the series and another uncensored 3D rendering series.

Night in the White Linen Part 2

Their night had just started.

The tingling sexy sensation from Pharaonic massage and the Blue Lotus dring make both feel sexy a bit and also make themselves stiff and rigid.

The funny thing was it got hard, but at the same time, it felt different than usual.

Feeling such a bodily sensation is more than excellent.

Erected without arousal and also stands excellent.

Bloods entrapped and continue to stay.

It is not related to his emotion.

It just got more detailed than it used to be.

Almost like a hardened stick separated from his mind and emotion, it became just an attachment.

Waving a sexy, tingling sensation is a little bit different.

It comes and goes.

Sometimes it intensely surfaces, then rolls away, went down to the surface but still can feel it if he wanted to.

And then they heard a few guys walk up to the next house's second-floor terrace.

Four seem like they are winding down in this cooling night with moonlight.

Soon, they all started playing next to the stair wall.

"Well, those Min priests seem like they want some fun out there. That's good for them," Aperel said.

"Obviously. Were those Min priests also simulated giving us Pharaonic massage? And also from drinking Blue Lotus wine?"

"Why not? I don't know how often they have a guest or guests to give Temple massages and offer entertainment. I can guess having guests are their amusement for sure."

Prince moved a little toward the lower wall, and Aperel stood next to him.

"Am I supposed to ask them to entertain us with my musicians?"

"If you wanted that, you said so, right? You didn't need to hear music playing in this house and watching dances or us dancing tonight."

"Yes, I wasn't bored like my parents calling musicians and dancers to fill their boredom, and should we give them their freedom to have fun tonight to leave them alone?" said Prince rolling his eyes.

"It's all up to you. You are Prince, the next King. If you want to give some privacy to those Min priests, give it to them. We can go up the third terrace or back to the house and sleep or continue watching them doing it."

Aperel intentionally teased him and rubbed his shoulder to his upper chest.

"I am sure if you ask them to come here to continue, they will do that for you. We can watch it until you get bored looking at it. Or if you want to join, they will let you in, by yourself or with me. It's all up to you."

Aperel smiled and asked Prince.

"Have you ever seen men doing it before? Couple, Threesome, foursome? Orgies?"

"No, These whole things are my first time! Ascension quest, being with someone so closely, Ka-body development, Blue Lotus, sexual stimulation, watching others having sex, foursome, awesome!"

"You never have done with woman and men before?"

"In a way, yes and probably no. I played with my brother and sisters when we were kids, like being a doctor and patient, and didn't go any further. It was strange because my sisters didn't have a thing as we men have."

Aperel is surprised Prince is a virgin, never done with women or men, but it is understandable because he can see it that way instantly.

If he had been born as commoners, even in the Noble house, he could have had more chance to explore before getting married, but he was a pharaoh.

Children of Pharaoh do not have such freedom.

They live in a controlled environment with other adults.

They all live in the form of a cage, which is the court or Royal house. What they have is each other.

The firstborn male hair pre destine for the next throne.

To be the next King, he needs to marry someone of high status, marry other Royals or Nobles.

The girls are the same.

They are also pre-destined primarily to be a queen or Royal wife, the ends up being a gift for political reasons.

Second born son may have a little bit of freedom, but parents probably won't arrow to marry with no status.

Prince continued, "I saw my parents doing it accidentally when I was little. But not intentionally sneaking and peeping at it. I was sleepy and back in my bed."

"That could happen. It happened to me, as you said. Parents think kids are sleeping, never going to realize ends up being watched by them accidentally or intensionally."

Prince felt Aperel erect stick next to the side of his abdomen.

And Prince starts to wonder about Aperel's hardness because of Blue Lotus and Pharaohnic massage, plus watching Min priests having sex next house?

Or does Aperel have some feelings toward him?

And those Min priests, are they in love with each other?

Or just a men's thing without a woman covering their needs using each other?

Without feelings?

Without love?

Prince thinks such matters took him in different states of mind and emotions.

The scenes in front of him went far away.

It's still happening there, but he disconnected from it.

His device is the same.

It's him, it's hard still, but it is not influencing like it used to be.

"I'm done tonight. I'm going to bed."

Prince said and lightly tapped Aperel's shoulder, then held the oil lamp moved to the guest bedroom.

Feeling a bit drunk, he couldn't wrap around his thought.

He wore off his robe and slipped under the white bedding sheet.

It was linen and a bit old, but it felt good somehow.

Soon, Aperel came, took his robe off, and lay beside him.

"Confort me until I fall to sleep," Prince asked Aperel.

Aperel comes close to him and gently holds Prince's body.

Prince starts to feel Aperel's Ka-vibes emerging with his come with warms and subtle body smell.

That comforts him, and he quickly drafted and sank into the white light.

To be continued.

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