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Thank you for visiting my site!


Graphic Design is one of my best interest since I was child. When I was teenager, I dreamed to be a Comic Writer, but instead, I became Graphic designer in advertising industry.  I did tons of design work includes a magazine design layout for "Nintendo Power" and Strategy Guides such as "Final Fantasy IV" and "Donkey Kong Country" etc., published by Nintendo of America back in 1990's. That time was different than current, 3D graphic software like Poser and Bryce was there, but Daz Studio yet.

Along with a graphic designer, I became accomplished book author include one GLBT novel "The Blue Dolphins" in Japanese language.

When I released "Blue Dolphins", I wanted to create its world graphically, and I started to illustrate in 3D graphics using Daz Studio.  Since then, I am fascinated with 3D rendered illustrations. for about past 5 years?  I am still learning a lots for this, and I will keep up as much as I can to render in 3D graphic. 

I hope you find some interest with my work. 

Mahalo for visiting, and please come back again time to time.


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