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About Golden Horizon

Somehow I am working again on this series using Genesis 8 instead of M4 or G2 models.

In this "Golden Horizon" series, I have a basic story in my mind, and this journey will explore one of the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs in the 18th dynasty's 10th Pharaoh, Akhenaten.

On October 28th, 2011, I had an extraordinary Spiritual experience related to Ancient Egypt. Some people call it Sacred initiation.

I wrote this experience in two books, and part one was published in 2021, which is how it started to happen.

I went to Egypt in 1992 with 50 people, and visited many of the known remaining sites of Ancient Egypt, starting from Giza to Aswan, Valley of the Kings, Luxor, also Saqqara durning that tour.

In 1992, I was not interested in the history of Egyptians or their pharaohs, but I somehow had peculiar experiences in most places.

I could not figure those experiences out then, and then nearly 20 years later, they started to reveal in away drastically.

Akhenaten was son of Amenhopep III, and father of Tutankhamun. He changed the name Amenhotep IV, which means "Amun is satisfied," to Akhenaten, "Effective for Aten." During the fifth year of his reign.

He abandoned Egypt's traditional polytheism and introduced monotheism, in which worship centered on Aten.

So what happened to him?

He must have extraordinary experiences related to that dynamics.

And then I had a strange inspiration about his love life and his true desires to be.

Who was the person so influential to him when he was young?

I think it was his vizier, the highest official in ancient Egypt, to serve the pharaoh, Aperel.

Aperel served Akhenaten's father Amenhotep III, then his son Amenhotep IV who became Akhenaten five years after his ascension.

"Golden Horizon" explores the world of Ancient Egyptians in the 18th dynasty, centered on Young Amenhotep IV and his Vizier Aperel, as young pharaoh's guides and a male lover.

Stay tuned. LOL.

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