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Temple re-construction

Somehow I'm so obsessed to re-create this Unas's Funeral temple complex as much as it could be.

Since the pre-made 3d model of Unas's Temple complex isn't on the market.

But fortunately, there are several pre-made Egyptian theme 3d models here and there.

I used those props and parts of architecture to assemble it.

I found a grand blueprint of Unas's funeral Temple complex and 3d modeled images.

I referenced those to make it my way.

3d rendered image of Unas's Temple Complex probably done by sketchbook.

We can see the base structures and layout of the Temple complex.

I started to do it from the entrance area first.

At this point, I did not think I would build it further, but somehow I managed to assemble those needed scenes.

It was another challenge arose.

Pre-made 3d parts have their own map textures, which do not match Unas's temple complex.

I did not mind researching and using my imagination to create new map materials to apply those model parts.

If the models come with texture templates, I create new texture maps to apply them, but this particular model does not come with templates.

If templates are unavailable, another 3d model software, "Hexagon," can modify and generate texture templates.

Still, unfortunately, Hexagon does not run with my computer at this time, but maybe near future.

So I gave them up.

After they walked into the corridor, they arrived at an open courtyard with columns.

In the Grand blueprint of the open courtyard, there is something in the center, but it didn't specify what it was.

So I decided to put an obelisk and a cat statue related to the funeral.

The protective function of cats is in the Book of the Dead.

A cat represents Ra and the benefits of the sun for life on Earth.

They walk through the courtyard, and next they see is the chapel's entrance, which leads to the offering hall, which is not the entrance that connects to inside the Pyramid.

They walked to the outer North walls, The Pyramid on the west bank.

The entrance inside the Pyramid is on the north side of the Pyramid, which leads to underground chambers.

While doing such a thing to re-construct, I had another idea related to this Temple complex, the satellite Pyramid of Ka-statue.

I decided to write about it before they went underground, so I built the satellite Pyramid of Ka and Ka-statue for a few scenes.

I thought it could be challenging, but somehow I managed, and it was fun doing it!

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