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Head statues of Akhenaten

"Golden Horizon" is about the 18th dynasty Pharaoh Amenhotep III's second son, destined to be the next throne because of his first son's death.

Prince became Amenhotep IV.

He co-reigned with his father for about 8 years, then changed to Akhenaten, father of Golden boy king Tutankhamun.

Depiction of Akhenaten's appearances are various, and it changes and progresses bit by bit through the ages.

This head statue is said Akhenaten.

He seems pretty young, maybe a high teen.

This head statue with the blue crown looks like his late 20s in between early 30s.

This statue looks like his mid to late '30s.

He could be in his early 40s.

I reconstructed his face in photoshop using middle eastern man's face parts cut and past and wrapped to match the head statue proportions.

As a result, Akhenaten was freaking Beautiful!

Somehow Akhenaten's images wrap 80's British band lead vocal Pete Burns!


I was a brand new gender.

Not a man, woman, boy, or a girl

I was a brand new species.

In a mixed-up, muddlep up, shook-up world.

by Dead or Alive

Pete was obsessed with reconstructing his face as an image of Cleopatra.

Akhenaten and his wife, Nefertiti.

Nefertiti's head statue

This head statue looks older than others...

Akhenaten's colossal statue I took photos at Seattle's King Tut Exhibition.

It's humongous!

His face shape away longer deformed compared to another young versions of head statues,

I think that elongated head shape was intentionally curved that way probably.

This one is so deformed and exaggerated, giving the impression of being from outer space!

Because of this, an exaggerated depiction of him made certain people, like Ancient Alien presenter, call him "E.T. Pharaoh."

Well, he was born under his father Amenhope III and his wife, so he was not from outer space, either not an Alien from another planet!

Maybe his ancestors were???

This colossal statue is the most interesting because he is not wearing a skirt and has no genitalia!

Other Pharaohs made their statues emphasize masculinity.

But him.

Akhenaten doesn't care about masculinity like others.

He seems like he embraced femininity instead.

Is this particular colossal statue curved this way intentionally?

Akhenaten's those strangeness or uniqueness fascinates me.

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