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Chap.2-5, Unas's Pyramid

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Previously Golden Horizon.

Aperel reunited with his fighter friend Bjorn, A Viking man.

They demonstrated Ancient Egyptian ways of martial arts, Tahtib, for their fun and to make some money from the crowds.

Aperel introduced Bjorn to Prince, and Aperel asked Bjorn to come together because he could use Bjorn's hand, including teaching Prince self-defense and combat strategies, etc.

They all joined, bathed in Bathhouse, and then walked to the next destination, the Unas's Pyramid.

The Unas's Pyramid

They arrived sites of The Old Kingdom's Pyramid complex in the North of Saqqara.

The Old Kingdom is also known as the "Age of the Pyramids" or the "Age of the Pyramid Builders."

The span of Aperel and Young Prince, son of Amenhotep III, is the 18th Dynasty in the New Kingdom.

The time washed away with desert sands between Unas's period and theirs.

Unas built his Pyramid and the most minor royal Pyramid in Saqqara's mortuary complex.

When those Pyramids are intact, polished up seamless light yellow granite makes Pyramid golden shine with other more enormous Pyramids hit by the sun.

Its scenery was undoubtedly ravishing and had Golden splendor.

Now, exterior granites are gone, and half of the Pyramid is broken down.

It accompanied the mortuary complex and valley temple, but only some building structures remain.

Unas was the ninth and last monarch of the Fifth Dynasty during the Old Kingdom.

The history of ancient Egypt is divided into three main periods.

  • Old Kingdom (about 2,700-2,200 B.C.E.)

  • Middle Kingdom (2,050-1,800 B.C.E.)

  • New Kingdom (approximately 1,550-1,100 B.C.E.)

Old Kingdom begins with Dynasty III, ruled by Djoser.

Unas was the second ruler of Dynasty V.

He reigned for 15 to 30 years in the mid-24th century BC. (circa 2345–2315 BC)

Old Kingdom ended Dynasty VI.

Aperel viewing scenery and said, "The original Egyptian name of the pyramid was "Nefer Isut Unas,""

"Beautiful are the places of Unas; father told me that,"

Prince replied.

His father, Amenhotep III, visited this site, and King found Aperel invited to his court, becoming Father's vizier.

Bjorn said, "This used to be like Oasis? I can not imagine how beautiful it was."

The Beautifulness of this Pyramid complex was gone at some point in time.

Unas's reign was a time of economic deterioration.

Egypt preserved trade relations with the nearby country.

But the lowering of the King's power resumed, and the Fifth Dynasty ended after Unas' death.

Eventually contributing to the collapse of the Old Kingdom.

Aperel's this mission to show Prince "The Pyramid Texts."

Unas was the first pharaoh to carve the Pyramid Texts on the walls of his chambers.

Also called "Utterance."

These texts identify the King with Ra and Osiris.

Ra and Osiris cult was on the incline in Unas' time and was meant to help the King reach the Afterlife.

"Horus Wadjtawy, living eternally, king of Upper and Lower Egypt, son of Ra, Unas, living eternally."

Those funerary cults of Unas established at his death continued until the end of the Old Kingdom.

"I'll tell you another story," Aperel said.

"Saqqara is the one village within the Giza Governorate. You know or saw those gigantic three pyramids, right?"

Bjorn answered his question with a look of surprise resting on his face.

"Yeah, I went there and saw that. It's ridiculously humongous! The funny thing was, it looked so huge from a distance, but once you got there and looked up from the ground, it seems not. Isn't it weird?"

Prince continued, "Those Pyramids are the biggest built by Khufu, next by Khafre, and the smallish one by Menkaure with other small three pyramids."

"Do you think those Pyramids were built by them?" Aperel asked.

"Khafre was a Fourth-Dynasty pharaoh. Did he build that massive Pyramid or not? I don't know. I did not live there and watched its construction. I have no clue how many years it took and how many thousands of workers and slaves were worked on. Mining and cutting those huge stones. People support those construction workers, sculptors, and painters, by cooking meals, caring for them, Doctors, medicine, Animal forces, etc... It costs an astronomical amount of money."

"Do you think you or your father could be built those?"

"My father never tried to build it or thought of doing it. Me? I can imagine designing and developing the city, which contains different industries, houses, temples, and shrines, but not that one monumental tomb! I don't know how to build it, either don't know the engineer who can."

"There was extinction level of catastrophic incidents that happened a long, long time ago. I don't know how many thousand years ago, before King Khafre's time. The massive, powerful explosion occurred far from those three Pyramids. The sky turned to burn red, waves of high heat blew through, and something big hit the upper side of Big Pyramid. That shock wave collapsed Capstone, and it fell. And soon after that, the massive flood came and washed over the whole of Upper Egypt."

"I'm confused; that means there was another civilization before our Egyptian Dynasties?"

"Our original ancestors, I guess."

"So, if those main three Pyramids were already there before their time, he reused them for his tomb?"

"Probably. Repurpose those massive structures, whoever bought them to show off power and authority, and commemorating the legacies in such a magnificent monument makes sense, isn't it?"

Building Pharaoh's funeral temple complex was their big obsession because of their Afterlife.

They started the construction of afterlife residences, Tombs, and Temples, shrines right away after they ascended to the throne.

Their life was for Afterlife, reuniting with ancestors, welcomed, and living with them again.

When they arrived at the Temple entrance, Aperel's servant at Saqqara's home was waiting and greeting them.

They have been offered water refreshment and some fruits, rest a bit.

Aperel took torches and gave one to Prince and asked Bjorn.

"Do you want to come with us?"

"Nah, I wait here. I do not have any business with the world of the dead. I will wait until I reach the gate of Walhalla, our god's residence."

Aperel and Prince walk into the corridor that leads to the inside of the mortuary complex.

Ourdoor was dry and hot, but the temperature dropped once they entered the corridor, and cooling moisture started to ease hydration.

To be continued to 2-6. Pyramid of Ka

Deviant Art Subscription could be found in an uncensored version of the series and another uncensored 3D rendering series.

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